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This is a web site of a application delivery enthusiast. Please keep in mind that I'm NOT working for Citrix Inc. nor Microsoft. So if you use any of the information you find here you do this at your own risk. Nevertheless you can leave your comments in my support forum.
Most of the things you will find here are the result of my contribution in the official Citrix Support Forums and other places as well as my personal experience as a Freelancer for application delivery.  Note that everything on the web site is done during my free time.

Latest News
Citrix Web Interface vs. StoreFront 2.5

logoStoreFront 2.5 is released and let's see how it compares with Web Interface 5.4. With XenApp 7.5 / XenDesktop 7.5 the support for WI was extended BUT no further development is done! 

DescriptionWeb InterfaceStoreFront
Account Service for "One Receiver"NoYes
HTML 5 Client supportNoYes
Windows 8 RT Client supportYesYes
Roaming devices with consistent appsNoYes
Citrix Secure Gateway supportYesNo
Hide resources types without AGYes (file)Yes -> URL
Launch applicationsYesYes
Access Gateway embedded siteYesNo
Launch data for EdgeSight Clientstart YesNo
Auto- and mandatory app subscriptionNoYes
Autolaunch desktopsYes (file)Yes -> URL
Session pre-paunchYesYes
Prevent multi-launch of applicationsYes (file)Yes
Filter or hide applicationsYesYes -> URL or AG
Tweak ICA parametersYes (file)Yes (file)
Messages, Notes, Pre-, Post Logon message etc.Yes (UI)Yes URL
Web UI change through consoleYesNo
Advanced customizationYesLimited but URL
Code extensionYesNo
Software Development Kit (SDK)YesYes
Pre-populated domainYes (UI)Yes (UI)
Domain listYesYes
Explicit authenticationYesYes
Web Pass-through authenticationYesYes
Kerberos authenticationYesYes URL
SmartCard, Token authenticationYesYes
Anonymous logonYesYes
Access Gateway integrationYesYes
Password Manager integrationYesNo
Password changeYesYes
Customize web session timeoutYes (UI)Yes (file)
Settings per location (IP subnet)Yes (UI)No
Client proxy settingsYes (UI)No (single, file)
Client deploymentYesYes
Java Client fallbackYesNo
Application searchYesYes
Favorite applicationsNoYes
Stateless web sessionsNoYes
Theme supportNoNo
Error logging in eventlogYesYes

  UI = Option in console, File = Configured by edit source file.

StoreFront has really cached up with Web Interface features but nevertheless the adoption is on a slow rate. My biggest problem is stability and performance and hopefully has improved with the latest release. 

EdgeSight Agent kills PVS Streamed XenApp 6.5 Server

logoAre you using EdgeSight for XenApp and Provisioning Service 7.1? Then be aware that the Citrix EdgeSight Agent (latest release) kills your streamed XenApp 6.5 HRP03 Server! The server boots and things look good but then the connection is lost and you get bnistack event 7026 error. You have to use an older EdgeSight Agent to make things work. Nevertheless Citrix has the Agent as a requirement for Application Data Monitoring


List of Fixes Required for EdgeSight for XenApp Application Monitoring Data to Function

StoreFront and Web Interface side-by-side

logoMany are using Citrix StoreFront and Web Interface side-by-side and the following Citrix article explains how

What is not so clear in my opinion is the fact that ONLY StoreFront installed on TOP of Web Interface is supported but NOT the other way around! When you install Web Interface on TOP of StoreFront that will actually work BUT an upgrade from one StoreFront release to the next will fail. The reason for that is that StoreFront and Web Interface share the same PNAgent folder and StoreFront can only recognize this when Web Interface is installed first. Only option at the moment is to uninstall the old StoreFront version first and then do a fresh install of the new version.

VMWare vSphere 5.5 and Citrix PVS 7.1 issue

ImageI ran into an issue with VMware vSphere 5.5 and Citrix Provisioning Service 7.1 and I want to share the solution I found. Booting the machine contacts PVS fine but then hangs and a bit later returns code is corrupted system halted.

Using a boot ISO worked so I thought is has something to do with TFTP and remembered an old issue with it. This brought me to the following PVS 6.0 hotfix

Replacing the files as described in the article worked and the machine booted fine without an ISO.

Citrix StoreFront 2.0 upgrade and install issues

ImageCitrix StoreFront 2.0 is out and has issues you should know. Most issues are with using AppController to enable mobile devices for WorxApps. Also as long as Worx Home has not been released, do NOT use the MDX Toolkit to wrap WorxApp and use the previous App Prep Toolkit 1.3.55   

StoreFront 1.2 upgrade to 2.0

This is a supported scenario even with a server group, upgrades from StoreFront 1.1 will remove the configuration. I have done both, single and server group update. Now the upgrade takes quite some time (around 20-30 min.) and the progress bar don't really progress but finishes all of the sudden. Then you have to migrate subscriptions (favorites that is) and worked fine with a single server and SQL db but failed with a server group using a SQL cluster.

If subscription migration fails, then user lose their favorites and have to start over. The new favorites will go into the new local db that is replicated in a server group.

After the upgrade you might run into some issues like I did:

  • User are unable to login, especially with mobile receiver. Use the following KB but this time it's the web.config of the STORE not the web site 
  • Endless authentication and in the eventlog you find Event ID 5, "A relying party was not found".
    Is something you get only when using AppController and is a undocumented but know bug!
    Problem is that an equal  "=" sign is added at the end to the AppController service id and needs to be removed. You have to redo over again each time you open the console, or you set the file to read-only (you get Errors in the evenlog but works)
    Read the following Forum thread about it 
  • Installing StoreFront with the local Firewall disabled is not supported and documented as a known issue, therefore see eDocs:
    StoreFront cannot be upgraded when the Windows Firewall service is not running
  • Uninstalling StoreFront 1.2 might leave Citrix Peer- and Credential Wallet Service installed. When installing StoreFront 2.0 and creating the first store you get the error “An error occured running the command: 'Set-DSNewClusterEnvironment'" because the Services can not be created.
  • New installation of StoreFront 2.0 fails with 'Set-DSNewClusterEnvironment' and checking the install log shows "The process does not possess the 'SeSecurityPrivilege' privilege". The account used to install has no permission for "Manage auditing and security log". As an example Symantec Backup Exec 2012 changes the default domain policy in that way. 
  • Some people Report issues installing StoreFront 2.0 on Server 2012
  • Removing the authentication service is not available in the console anymore. There are now PowerShell commandlets but didn't fully work either.
  • A simple "repair" function is still not available but is sooo needed with StoreFront



Citrix WroxMail 1.2 warning!

logoCitrix released @WorxMail 1.2 (162) at Jun 11 but it seems it was designed for new Citrix components like Receiver 5.8 and StoreFront 2.0. This is actually a warning because I think it's very likely you run into issues

WorxMail 1.2

This release comes with a bunch of new features, requested by many including my customers. Once you have @WorxMail running it's much better than the previous version BUT as a warning Receiver 5.72 might crash while downloading the mobile apps. This is the most common issue or the apps are downloaded but then you get into an endless authentication loop. If you are lucky the easy way out is delete all @Work apps and then re-install Citrix mobile receiver and start over.

@WorxMail starts but crashes while "Downloading folders..." then you probably use iOS before 6.x and is NOT supported! So make sure you set that in AppController

Still Receiver crashing? It's VERY important to enable mobile devices in StoreFront and actually Citrix added recently two additional options that you might miss now. So make sure there are in the web.config

Still not working? Well now you have the choice, Upgrade to StoreFront 2.0 and hope that works, Upgrade to Receiver 5.8x and as a last resort re-install StoreFront 1.2!


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Citrix CloudGateway Express (StoreFront) is out for some time.
Are you using StoreFront?

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