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This is a web site of a application delivery enthusiast. Please keep in mind that I'm NOT working for Citrix Inc. nor Microsoft. So if you use any of the information you find here you do this at your own risk. Nevertheless you can leave your comments in my support forum.
Most of the things you will find here are the result of my contribution in the official Citrix Support Forums and other places as well as my personal experience as a Freelancer for application delivery.  Note that everything on the web site is done during my free time.

Latest News
Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp VDA 7.1/7.5 update script

logoUpdate of the VDA 7.1/7.5 update script since Citrix changed the naming convention for VDA Hotfixes.


How to use the Citrix StoreFront SDK

ImageWeb Interface can be tweaked by editing or extending the source file(s) because they were "open" meaning you could just use Notepad to see the content and modify whatever you wanted. With StoreFront 2.5 and going forward Citrix has released an SDK for Storefront but what does that exactly mean? Can you as an admin do anything with it?

This article will be a starting point on how to use the StoreFront SDK and some tips along the way. 


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Citrix XenApp 6.5 update script 1.7

logoHere is my version 1.7 release of the Citrix XenApp 6.5 update script to work with the new Citrix Support site. Not supported anymore is XenApp 6.0


Warning, don't use Internet Explorer Tab Grow 0!!

LogoYou find quite some sources including myself that suggest to use Internet Explorer tab grow set to 0

to save Memory in an Remote Desktop/XenApp environment.

When you use Internet Explorer 10 and above I warn you now to NOT use a tab grow of 0 and instead leave the default that will create an extra process for every new tab.

I had problem with customer using Internet Explorer 10 and tab grow 0 and are as follow. IE 10 launches by default the 64Bit version and with tab grow 0 every other will be 64bit as well. This will not work with any 32bit Add-On. See the following Microsoft Article about it

Another problem you might run into is printing. Some web apps assuming that a second tab or windows would run its own process. With tab grow set to 0 might end in user unable to print.

Now you are saying then we stick with Internet Explorer 9 but that is a red flag form me because I had a lot of problems with that IE version.


Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp VDA 7.1/7.5 update script

logoThis is my first Version of a VDA update script based on my very popular XenApp update script. The XA update script has been downloaded more than 5.000 times!

I read some wired things about my script and therefore some comments on that.

  • There are NO hotfixes included within the package/script.
  • The hotfixes are downloaded directly at runtime from Citrix and not from my site.
  • It's a CMD script and therefore open for your review or Change
  • The script has several options for logging and installing the fixes

Now this releas has some limitations that I will fix in the next releases. If there are more than 10 fixes available (currently there are 3) it would not download fix 11, 12 and so on. Rollups are unclear if they will be available and the sites used for future product releases.

I'm also working on updating the XenApp 6.5 scripts to work again with the new Citrix Support site


How to use the new Citrix Receiver 4.x

logoWhen I'm onsite at a customer I see very often that Program Neighborhood or an old online plug-in is used. Companies have a hard time to switch to new directions, especially when the end user is involved.

In this article I want to show how the new Receiver way looks like and what advantages it might have. Also there is a lot information out about Receiver on the Internet but not really how to use Receiver and what steps are necessary.

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Citrix CloudGateway Express (StoreFront) is out for some time.
Are you using StoreFront?

Site updates

New article: How to use Citrix StoreFront SDK

Release of XenApp 6.5 Update script 1.7

First release of VDA 7.x Update script.

New article: How to use Citrix Receiver 4.x?