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BriForum 2006 Web Interface Hands-On workshop Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing at Monday, 04 September 2006

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At briforum 2006 US I was giving a Web Interface Hands-On session. The workshop includes several exercise from simple troubleshooting, how to get the trace output, changing basic WI layout and projects like the "legal statement"  and more advanced the "infoCenter".

At brifrorum 2006 Europe I will give only a "Web Interface 4.5 introduction and customization" session, so I decided to publish the briforum US Hands-On workshop on my website.

First see the final Web Interface that has been customized throughout the different Hands-On exercises.

Customized WI 4.x

Troubleshooting exercise

I can't tell you how often I send people to the Citrix Knowledge Base article CTX103673 that explains how to disable the default error message to gain more detail about the error. When you start to customize Web Interface you will get an error message sooner or later.

Project "leagal statement"

This was a real customization request by Rudy. Under the login area there should be a info box for a leagal statement that people accept when they logon to Web Interface and launch applications.

Project "infoCenter"

A friend of mine was asking me how to display the current Web Interface server name when using network loadbalancing. The information is quite important to troubleshoot issues within a NLB Web Interface deployment.

How to do the workshop on your own?

All you need is a working Web Interface 4.2 installation! Within the Hands-On files you find a PDF document with a detailed step-by-step description for each exercise. Also included is the PowerPoint presentation that gives an introduction to the exercises as well.

With all of this it should be easy to do the exercise and learn how to troubleshoot and customize Web Interface.

Have fun,

Zip fileDownload the Hands-On workshop


Written by Guest on 2007-10-26 06:45:59
Hi Thomas 
Have you customised W/I 4.6 yet and do you have documentation

WI 4.6 done.
Written by Steve Hunt on 2008-07-31 17:50:42
I have been able to apply many of these mods to 4.6. Its just a matter of finding the right location for the files. :grin

customization stuffs are really superb!
Written by PrakashV on 2009-08-06 10:09:28
All the customization stuffs are really superb, It would be really great if you could publish the steps for displaying infocenter box in WI 4.5 & 4.6 with the server value

WI 4.5 & 4.6
Written by Thomas Koetzing on 2009-08-06 10:11:14
The idea of the workshop is that YOU learn how to do things on your own! It should be quite easy to do the same changes with WI 4.5 & 4.6  

Gleison Santos
Written by Guest on 2009-08-19 22:19:15
I will try with WI 4.6. txs.

Lawrence Cook
Written by Guest on 2009-12-03 21:14:47
My question is over the agenda excercise. Instead of having to modify the actual web code each time you need to change it, can it be modified to call a text file? I am wanting to use it to announce maintenace or work outages and it would be much easier to modify a text file than the actual code. It's just a thought. 

Agenda question
Written by LCook on 2009-12-04 14:44:28
I really liked the idea of posting notices on the web page. Would it not be easier to have the agenda code read a text file than to edit the agenda code each time you want to make a change?

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