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Web Interface replaced by Citrix Cloud Gateway Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011

logoAt Citrix Synergy Barcelona there where several sessions about Cloud Gateway to replace Web Interface. Interesting that they had also a Q&A with a "CTP friend" to tell people why it's good to move while I was in the audience. Now back in 2009 I already wrote about the death of Web Interface but my whole point was that the release was too early. Web Interface End-Of-Life (EOL) is 2015 and time that I think Citrix actually needs in order for customer to move to Cloud Gateway.

What's Cloud Gateway? Basically just a new product name for existing components like Access Gateway + Web Interface would be the past and now it's Access Gateway + StoreFront = Cloud Gateway Enterprise or just StoreFront = Cloud Gateway Express. Congrats! You are probably a Cloud product owner now! StoreFront again is what was called the Citrix Delivery Services 1.0 now 2.0; all the name changing quite confusing, right.

Ultimately StoreFront replaces Web Interface (Web Receiver) including the service site. Even as a CTP I didn't get the StoreFront beta (guess I know why) so now here you have a first quick report on it. Let's start with, I would NOT advice any of my customers to go with StoreFront now or any time soon (before 3.0 or 4.0 I guess) but see yourself.

DescriptionWeb InterfaceStoreFront
Launch applicationsYesYes
Autolaunch desktopsYes (file)No
Prevent multi-launch of applicationsYes (file)No
Filter or hide applicationsYesNo (use AG)
Tweak ICA parametersYes (file)Yes (file)
Messages, Notes etc.Yes (UI)No
Web UI change through consoleYesNo
Advanced customizationYesLimited
Code extensionYesNo
Software Development Kit (SDK)YesNo
Pre-populated domainYes (UI)Yes (UI)
Domain listYesNo
Explicit authenticationYesYes
Pass-through or mixed authenticationYesYes
Kerberos authenticationYesNo
SmartCard, Token authenticationYesNo (use AG)
Anonymous logonYesNo
Access Gateway integrationYesYes
Password Manager integrationYesNo
Password changeYesYes
Customize web session timeoutYes (UI)Yes (file)
Settings per location (IP subnet)Yes (UI)No
Client proxy settingsYes (UI)No
Client deploymentYesYes
Java Client fallbackYesNo
Application searchYesYes
Favorite applicationsNoYes
Stateless web sessionsNoYes
Theme supportNoNo
Error logging in eventlogYesNo?

  UI = Option in console, File = Configured by edit source file.

StoreFront cosole


Personally I think the StoreFront console is missing usability and not very intuitive to use, no workflows, no wizards, very limited information. Again I see a lot of open work for Citrix developers until 2015! Also when I look through the list, Cloud Gateway Expess should come with Access Gateway VPX and FREE platform license for ICA-Proxy (Secure Gateway function).

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