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Revisit: Web Interface replaced by Citrix Cloud Gateway Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing   
Monday, 17 September 2012

logoIt's almost a year when StoreFront 1.1 was released. I posted a small comparison between StoreFront an Web Interface. Web Interface 5.4 is the last version an might get only security updates but EOL is 2015.

Now this is a revisit of the list I posted but now for StoreFront 1.2 and Web Interface 5.4. Since Web Interface is in "maintanance mode" no new features for WI, so just look at the bold changes at the StoreFront row.

DescriptionWeb InterfaceStoreFront
Account Service for "One Receiver"NoYes
HTML 5 Client supportNoYes
Windows 8 RT Client supportNoYes
Roaming devices with consistent appsNoYes
Citrix Secure Gateway supportYesNo
Launch applicationsYesYes
Autolaunch desktopsYes (file)Yes -> URL
Session pre-paunchYesNo
Prevent multi-launch of applicationsYes (file)No
Filter or hide applicationsYesYes -> URL or AG
Tweak ICA parametersYes (file)Yes (file)
Messages, Notes, Pre-, Post Logon message etc.Yes (UI)Yes URL
Web UI change through consoleYesNo
Advanced customizationYesLimited but URL
Code extensionYesNo
Software Development Kit (SDK)YesNo
Pre-populated domainYes (UI)Yes (UI)
Domain listYesNo
Explicit authenticationYesYes
Pass-through or mixed authenticationYesYes
Kerberos authenticationYesYes URL
SmartCard, Token authenticationYesNo (use AG)
Anonymous logonYesNo
Access Gateway integrationYesYes
Password Manager integrationYesNo
Password changeYesYes
Customize web session timeoutYes (UI)Yes (file)
Settings per location (IP subnet)Yes (UI)No
Client proxy settingsYes (UI)No
Client deploymentYesYes
Java Client fallbackYesNo
Application searchYesYes
Favorite applicationsNoYes
Stateless web sessionsNoYes
Theme supportNoNo
Error logging in eventlogYesNo?

  UI = Option in console, File = Configured by edit source file.

StoreFront got some unique features and addtions to match up with Web Interface. Still there are some things missing.

My adivice: Start using StoreFront to find out how it works or fit into your envrionment. StoreFront is the way to go with new upcoming Citrix products or components. In addition Citrix will announce some changes to Access Gateway and therfore will make Cloud Gateway a great solution for your Citrix envrionment.

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