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How to disable Office 2013 shadow boarder Print E-mail
Written by Thomas Koetzing   
Thursday, 23 May 2013

logoOffice 2013 comes with a small shadow boarder but as a RemoteApp or publish application shows a big not so shadow boarder. Not just that it also has quite some impact on the performance and the display. It really looks bad and sometimes the boarder is a little bit behind when moving an Office window.

Microsoft published an article on that behavior and how to disable it:

That article isn't really helpful, since you need to be a programmer to make the example work. The only good thing is that the ClassName MSO_BORDEREFFECT_WINDOW_CLASS is given.

That should ring a bell with every Citrix administrator. Citrix had to fix seamless applications now for over 20 years and build a long list ( on how to fix different seamless issues. I also wrote an article about the seamless engine in 2005! Understand the Citrix seamless engine.

With that information it's quite easy to get the right seamless configuration setting. You find an XML file for group policy import and registry file packed in one zip:

Download Seamless Configuration Setting for Office 2013:

Those Seamless Configuration Settings of course only work with Citrix XenApp and not with Microsoft RemoteApps! Lucky for every RDS customer I received a little service from (German company) that fixes the shadow boarder for RemoteApps as well. The service checks every 5 seconds for the boarder and then sends the disable command. Of course the service works with XenApp as well.


Thanks to Dennis from Meinsystemhaus and hope the seamless flag and service helps you guys!


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