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Windows Installer CleanUp Utilityhot!

You can use the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility to remove Windows Installer settings from your computer if a problem occurs. Although Windows Installer is designed to be very robust, Windows Installer can become damaged. if any of the following issues occurs:

- Your computer's registry becomes corrupted.

- You or someone else inadvertently changes a registry setting that is
   used by Windows Installer and that causes a problem.

- The installation of a program that uses Windows Installer (for
   example, Microsoft Office 2000) is interrupted.

- There are multiple instances of Setup running at the same time, or
   an instance of Setup is "blocked."

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Wise Windows Installer Commandline Builder. This utility helps you build a command line that launches Windows Installer installation.

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Orca 2.0hot!

Due to limitations in the existing Windows Installer tools, you may need to edit the Windows Installer package (.msi) files directly. The Orca database editor is a table-editing tool available in the Windows Installer SDK and it can be used to edit your .msi files. The Orca editor edits and creates merge module (.msm) files , Internal Consistency Evaluator (.cub) files, and patch creation files (.pcp).

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OFFICE 2007 QAT workaroundshot!

Office 2007 saves settings of the ribbon in the local app data path and therefore those settings are not roaming. This file incluedes workarounds via scripts to roam the qat files.

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InstallTailor 6.0hot!

InstallTailor lets you customize Windows Installer installations by simulating running the package as you make the desired changes. Your changes to the package are recorded and the .MST file is created. The .MST file is then applied to the base .MSI file at runtime to execute your customizations. With InstallTailor, you can easily use the preferred method of Windows Installer customization, .MST files, to establish uniform installation settings across your enterprise.

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