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Thomas Koetzing

 Beruf: Geschäftsfüher, Freiberufler

Thomas has been working with Citrix products since 1998 as a system administrator, consultant, and freelancer. At the moment he is a freelancer for Server-based computing and virtualization. Even though Thomas is only working in the IT industry, he has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering.

In 2003, Thomas started posting in the official Citrix support forums with the alias citrix4ge and very quickly became one of the top posters. Later on he opened the Website as a response to forum requests. His website is now famous for it's Citrix FAQ and Web Interface customizations. In Februar 2006 he moved the site to the domain

Citrix has invited Thomas to speak at the Citrix Support & Engineering Institute of Technology (CSEIT) in October 2004, BriForum 2005 - 2008, Tech Conferance Norway, PubForum 2005 and many other. Thomas has also written several articles at as well on his own new domain

In July 2006 Microsoft awarded Thomas as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - Terminal Server and in the same month Thomas was also awarded as Citrix Technology Professional (CTP).

At the moment Thomas works mainly for th evisionapp group as external consultant and holds the position as Senior Product Manager Business. In July 2007, Thomas was reawared as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - Terminal Server for 2007 and Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) 2007.

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