Cannot connect to presentation server, it is not accepting connections


Hello there,
I have Citrix PS4 server, when attempting to connect via ICA, I get the following message:
Cannot connect to the Citrix Presentation server. The Citrix Presentation Server you have selected is not accepting connections.

Can RDP top sever, and it is accepting connctions.

Any thoughts/ideas??



Any thoughts/ideas??
Well with the little information you gave not very much.
Check the Server eventlog, Check that the port are open (telnet to 1494/2598), check that you have Citrix license...

Thanks for that.
Other Citrix severs in the farm don't have this issue. Conformed Port are open (1494) and yep have valid citrix license.

Restarted ther server couple of times, still the same issue. Cannot connect to server via ICA but can RDP OK without any issue.

Is there anything specific that I need to look into? Please advise.

Gopi Prasad


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